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Jewelry to make your heart skip a beat
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  • Sarah Chloe
  • Heartbeat Bangle in Gold
  • $139.00
  • Sarah Chloe
  • Mini Heartbeat Necklace in Gold
  • $98.00
  • Sarah Chloe
  • Large Heartbeat Ring in Gold
  • $98.00
  • Sarah Chloe
  • Heartbeat Necklace, Cuff, and Ring in Gold
  • $296.00 $236.00
Sarah Chloe
Heartbeat Necklace, Cuff, and Ring in Silver ($296 Value)
If you just can't get enough of this awesome, unique design, why not buy all three pieces? You can switch it up from day to day and mix and match with your other jewelry, or you can keep your favorite and gift one to your best friend or your sister. It's a great way to show the special ladies in your life some love and have something that reminds you of each other without being cheesy.

  • Special value price
  • Ring is approx. 1 in wide, necklace is approx 1 in wide (pendant) with 16 in chain, bangle is adjustable
  • Handcrafted in NYC
    Sterling Silver