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Handmade with heart: knit clutches
  • Sarah Oliver Handbags
  • Laurette Clutch in Black w/ Iced Magnolia
  • $185.00 $92.50
Sarah Oliver Handbags
Laurette Clutch in Turquoise w/ Silver Dome
In turquoise, this bag has a fun, glamorous feel. It's the perfect way to add a retro pop of color to a garden party outfit.

Each handmade clutch is knitted from ultra-durable, stain resistant wool, which makes it the perfect party bag. Even if you spill wine on it or set it down in the grass at an outdoor garden party, it will bounce back. The brooch is removable, so you can wear it pinned to the bag to add a touch of elegance, or take it off for a more casual day look.
    100% Peruvian Wool