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The next best thing to real diamonds
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  • Lafonn
  • In Motion Pendant Necklace - Gold
  • $95.00
  • Lafonn
  • In Motion Pendant Necklace - Silver
  • $95.00
In Motion Pendant Necklace - Silver
The Lassaire In Motion Necklace is a classic solitaire necklace with a 2-carat simulated diamond. Exclusive to Lafonn, Lassaire simulated diamonds are among the finest and hardest in the world, cut to perfection for maximum brilliance and color.
  • 2-carat simulated diamond
  • The stone is set in a frameless design, with two 14KT loops piercing the stone and connected to the chain
  • This unique setting gives the appearance of the stone floating on air and moving with the wearer
  • 18 inch chain and adjustable from 16, 17 and 18 inches
Sterling silver chain bonded with platinum