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Lovely lightweight layers for spring
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  • Christopher Fischer
  • Gisbelle Stripe Sweater
  • $196.00 $137.50
  • Bardot
  • Leroy Knit Sweater
  • $99.00 $28.50
  • Sanctuary Clothing
  • New Vegan Sleeve Sweater
  • $89.00 $26.50
Christopher Fischer
Gisbelle Stripe Sweater
Let's bust a fashion myth: if you're afraid of horizontal stripes, don't be! They're actually very slimming, because no matter what size or shape you are, they'll maintain their crisp, straight lines instead of outlining every curve. And this style is even more figure-flattering, because the stripes cut at a diagonal on one side to highlight your waist. Cashmere is one of the biggest reasons to get excited for winter, but with this piece in your closet, you won't have to wait until then! The lightweight fabric makes it breathable enough for warm weather, and the stripes give it a nautical inspiration that's perfect for spring.
    100% Cashmere
    Dry clean