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Smooth your silhouette with shapewear
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  • BodyCon
  • Cami in Black
  • $69.00 $19.50
  • BodyCon
  • Cami in Blush
  • $69.00 $19.50
  • BodyCon
  • High Waist Thong in Black
  • $51.00
  • BodyCon
  • High Waist Thong in Blush
  • $51.00 $15.50
High Waist Thong in Blush
Beige is easy to camouflage, so it's perfect underneath white and lighter colors.

Usually when you want shape wear that covers your stomach, you have to wear a cami. But a cami doesn't work with every dress, so sometimes you need another option. This high waisted thong is ideal for creating a silhouette with no lumps, bumps, or panty lines, because it's strategically designed to be totally seamless. The thong will be invisible under tighter bottoms, and as a bonus, it's much more breathable than shorts-style shape wear during the summer. A lot of high-waisted shape wear cuts in right at your waist, so it rolls down or just creates another line, but the top of this piece hits just below your bust line, you'll stay comfortable all day.
    86% Micro Fiber Nylon, 14% Spandex