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This fall's go-to sweater
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  • Look by M
  • Two Tone Kimono Shawl - Taupe
  • $50.00 $39.50
  • Look by M
  • Two Tone Kimono Shawl - Black
  • $50.00 $39.50
Look by M
Two Tone Kimono Shawl - Taupe
  • Oversized rib knit
    100% Acrylic
    Hand wash cold
    Expert Tips
    This taupe wrap sweater looks great with neutral tones. Try it with black, white, or olive green, one of the season's hottest shades!<br><br>There are so many ways to wear this piece, it's hard to believe that it's just one sweater. You can wear it longer in the front, or longer in the back, so no matter what you layer with, achieving perfect proportions is easy. And it has a loose fit, so you can alternate between wearing it as a vest or a wrap with elbow-length sleeves. Oh, yea, and you can even belt it for a more fitted silhouette: need we say more?