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Treat your legs to these healing tights
  • Shape&Slim
  • Veino Tights - Black
  • $25.00
Veino Tights - Black
2 in 1 Energizing Activ' Tights improve blood circulation & soothe heavy legs.
  • Active ingredients are embedded in the fabric to stimulate circulation and blood flow to lighten up the legs and re-energize them
  • A top quality fabric with a silky touch makes all your movements very cool
  • Constructed with decreased compression from the bottom to the top to provide more support on the legs
  • Soothing and relaxing ingredients are released continuously and evenly
    78% polyamid - 22% elasthan
    Hand wash. Air dry
    100% natural ingredients. No parabens. There is no water in our formula so our delivery system performs like a serum. The combination of natural ingredients helps reduce swollen legs. Red Vine helps to reduce the lower leg volume. Citrus Oil improves micro circulation. Cypress Oil relieves swollen tissues. Shea Butter hydrates the skin