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Damage free blowdrying in 1/2 the time
  • Jose Eber
  • Infrared Blow Dryer
  • $150.00
Jose Eber
Infrared Blow Dryer
Eliminate hot spots, burns and damaged areas with this cutting-edge blow dryer, designed to save you time and clarify your hair.

  • Incorporates antimicrobial properties with Ultra Violet Technology to clean hair as it dries
  • Far infrared light imparts heat into the cuticle's core instead of the hair shaft's surface making hair shinier and smoother
  • Cleans hair during drying, killing bacteria and eliminating buildup, giving you vibrant shine, smoother hair, and better styling
  • Four variable speeds and heat settings allow maximum heat control to suit hair type
  • Reduces blowdrying time by 50%
  • Includes narrow and wide condensing attachments for versatile styling control