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Bring the spa to your shower
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  • Essio Shower
  • Essio Starter Kit
  • $45.00
  • Essio Shower
  • Breathe 4-Pod Pack
  • $20.00
  • Essio Shower
  • Passion 4-Pod Pack
  • $20.00
  • Essio Shower
  • Unwind 4-Pod Pack
  • $20.00
  • Essio Shower
  • Night 4-Pod Pack
  • $20.00
Essio Shower
Essio Starter Kit
If you need a little more you time in your life, but you can never squeeze it into your schedule, this is for you. It brings aromatherapy right to your shower, so you can relax and unwind for five minutes at a time, no trip to the spa necessary.

  • Kit includes three oils and shower attachment
  • Includes three scents
  • Breathe scent is a mixture of peppermint and eucalyptus
  • Passion blends mandarin orange, lavender and patchouli
  • Unwind has citrus, spice, and floral notes
  • Each pod lasts for three long showers, but can be split up to extend the number of uses
  • 100% Organic