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Polish your smile to perfection
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  • VIOlife Inc.
  • Dazzle Home Polishing System
  • $89.99
  • VIOlife Inc.
  • Dazzle Polishing Cup and Tip Refill Kit
  • $9.99
  • VIOlife Inc.
  • Dazzle Polishing Paste Refill Kit
  • $9.99
VIOlife Inc.
Dazzle Home Polishing System
Get brighter, whiter, cleaner teeth without a trip to the dentist. A toothbrush can only do so much, and stains and bacteria are building up on your teeth by the day, especially if you're a big coffee drinker. This at home polishing system will help you put your best smile forward.

  • Comes with three different screw on heads; two regular and one pointed
  • Includes three polishing paste packs