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Nail 911: repair & treat damaged nails
  • Julep
  • Nail 911
  • $21.00
Nail 911
Show your nails some love with this 911 kit. The cuticle and nail repair duo are packed with healing and hydrating ingredients, so after just two to three weeks, your nails will look pretty and perfect even without polish.

Vitamins B, C, and E make the nail therapy formula ultra-hydrating. Just brush one coat onto clean, dry nails 2-3 times weekly to start the healing process and protect nails from further damage.

The cuticle serum is enhanced with peptides to aid the natural nail growth process. It builds keratin in nails and collagen in cuticles to transform them overnight. Green tea extract conditions and sugar can enzymes dissolve dull surface cells, so you'll see fewer ridges and less splitting as nails grow out.