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Get a full body tan for $5
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  • Tan Towel
  • Full Body Plus - 5 Pack
  • $29.00
  • Tan Towel
  • Half Body Plus - 10 Pack
  • $29.00
  • Tan Towel
  • Full Body Classic - 5 Pack
  • $29.00
  • Tan Towel
  • Half Body Classic - 10 Pack
  • $29.00
Tan Towel
Full Body Plus 5 Pack
The darker Plus shade is perfect for anyone with medium to dark skin tones, or anyone who wants a deeper, bronzed tan.

Heading to the beach soon, or just want to make sure your entire body is the same shade? Buy this package of full body towelettes to get the perfect amount of coverage for your entire body, so by the time you unpack and put your swimsuit on, you'll have a flawless, golden glow that looks totally natural.

  • Full body towelettes measure 9 in by 12 in
  • Can be used on face and body
  • Lasts 4-7 days
  • Wait 4-6 hours before showering
  • Unfold and apply to clean, dry skin using circular motions
  • Wash hands immediately after use
  • Light citrus scent