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Clean hair and beachy waves made easy
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  • Captain Blankenship
  • Beachy Waves Duo - Sea Salt Spray & Dry Shampoo
  • $39.00 ($48.00 value)
  • Captain Blankenship
  • Days at Sea Dry Shampoo
  • $24.00
  • Captain Blankenship
  • Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Spray
  • $24.00
Captain Blankenship
Days at Sea Dry Shampoo
This dry shampoo is a true multitasker. It's a great way to revive a blowout and get rid of grease on second day hair: the organic formula soaks up oil and neutralizes odors to make hair look fresh and clean. It also helps to boost volume and lock in style, so it's a great way to prep for heat tools. It's even infused with the essence of palmarosa and rose geranium for a light, beachy rose scent that will make you want to use it every day.

  • Tap powder into hands and massage into roots and at the crown to absorb oil
  • 4 oz
    Organic rice powder, kaolin clay, organic cornstarch, organic baking soda, organic essential oils of rose geranium and palmarosa