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How the A-list gets younger skin
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  • PMD
  • Personal Microderm Tool - Classic
  • $159.00
  • PMD
  • Personal Microderm Tool - Blue
  • $159.00
  • PMD
  • Personal Microderm Tool - Purple
  • $159.00
Personal Microderm Tool - Purple
  • Discs are made from aluminum oxide crystals
  • Gentle vacuum function pulls skin towards the disc to remove dead skin cells
  • Includes tool, power cord, 3 levels of exfoliating discs, 2 caps (one for face, one for body), 1 reusable filter & instructional DVD
    Expert Tips
    This tool comes with three different discs for three levels of exfoliation. If you have super-sensitive skin, use the white disc. To up the intensity by a level, use the blue disc, and for super-powered exfoliation, use the green disc.