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Make your skincare way more effective
  • JeNu
  • Ultrasound Wand and MicroSphere Conducting Gel
  • $195.00
Ultrasound Wand and MicroSphere Conducting Gel
  • Generates 365,000 pulses of ultrasound energy per second
  • Vibrations temporarily dilate the pathways to the skin to increase product absorption by 2x-12x
  • Microsphere conducting gel transmits ultrasound pulses from the wand to the skin
  • Shuts off automatically after one minute
  • Includes wand, conducting gel, and charger
  • A slight warming sensation is normal when using the tool
    Expert Tips
    Start out by applying your skincare product of choice. Next, apply a pearl-sized amount of the microsphere conducting gel to the tip of the wand. Switch the tool on and gently move it over the treatment area in a circular motion.<br><br>Rather than treating the entire face at once, focus on one area at a time for a full minute. You'll see results much faster than you would if you'd rushed!