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Renew skin with wonder-working retinol
  • Resurface by Shani Darden
  • Retinol Reform
  • $95.00
Resurface by Shani Darden
Retinol Reform
  • Helps reduce wrinkles, pore size and photodamage (dark spots)
  • Improves skin texture for acne scarred skin
  • Softens and smoothes rough aging skin
  • Lightens pigmentation associated with photodamage
  • Over time, will aid in toning and firming the skin
  • Contains 5% Retinol
  • Do Not use this product while pregnant or breastfeeding
  • 1 oz
    DeionizedWater, Retinol (vitamin A propionate), Aloe Vera, Glycerth-26, Octyl Dimethyl,Polysorbate-80, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lactate, Sodium PCA, Niacinimide,Sodium Benzoate, Inositrol, Lactic Acid, Quaternium-15?