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The secret to flawless makeup
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  • BrushPearl
  • BrushPearl Cleaner and Cleanser Refill
  • $108.00
  • BrushPearl
  • BrushPearl Cleaner
  • $99.00
BrushPearl Cleaner
  • World's first digital ultrasonic tool that cleans makeup and cosmetic brushes with the use of sound waves, water, and a natural cleanser
  • Includes 4 oz. BrushPearl Cleanser: cleans and conditions brushes with no harsh chemicals
  • Cleans all brands, shapes, sizes of brushes and it even cleans makeup sponges, cosmetic brushes, skin brushes (i.e. clarisonic) and kabuki style brushes
  • It dries the brushes in the proper upright position so that water flows out of the brush ferral protecting the adhesives that hold the bristles in place
  • It is compact for easy storage