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Our secret weapon for fuller hair
  • ProCabello by Royale
  • Real Remy Hair Extension 19" - Honey Blonde
  • $129.00 ($499.00 value)
ProCabello by Royale
Real Remy Hair Extension 19" - Honey Blonde
  • 19" long hair extensions
  • Set comes with 7 different clips
  • Easy to blend them with your own hair
  • 100% real human hair
  • Provides length & volume to the hair
  • Can be straightened and styled
    100% Real Human Hair
    Directions:<br><br><ul><li>Take a toothpick comb or your fingers and run a line across the back of your head below your ears. Pull the top half of your hair into the hair clip to keep in place</li><li>Take one of your medium-sized 2-clip wefts, snap them open, and secure them along your hair line. Close clips in place</li><li>Let down a little small section of hair and put remaining hair in a hair clip. Run another line an inch above the last, across the back of your head</li><li>Take one of your large-sized 3-clip wefts and secure along your new hair-line. Close clips in place</li><li>Repeat this process for your last large-sized 3-clip weft. The remaining 2-clip wefts are for the sides of your head</li><li>Repeat the process with the two of these sets for each side of your head</li><li> Your two 1-clip wefts can be placed anywhere around your face for extra face framing. Position them wherever they look best for you!</li></ul>