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An easy fix for healthy, glowing skin
  • MicrodermaMitt
  • Exfoliating Body Mitt
  • $30.00
MicrodermaMitt Body Mitt
Naturally and thoroughly deeply exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, revealing new, younger and healthier skin instantly using only water.

  • All natural
  • Easy to use in shower
  • Saves time, money and environmentally safe
  • Great for travel
  • Allows self tanning to go on more evenly and last longer
  • 1.7oz including packaging
  • Do not use on face
    100% Floss silk
    Before using the MicrodermaMitt for the first time, rinse with warm water, squeeze out and let air dry. Shrinkage is normal after drying.<br><br>When finished, cleanse and moisturize. Rinse MicrodermaMitt with hot water and let air dry. DO NOT put in washing machine. May be hand washed if desired with gentle soap and hot water. Use 1-2 times a week. Since the fibers wear down with continuous use, replace Mitt as needed. DO NOT USE ON SKIN THAT IS INFECTED, OPENED SORE OR IRRITATED. MITTS SHOULD NOT BE SHARED.
    Expert Tips
    Use in steamy shower after several minutes of water running on you to remove any lotions on skin. Do not use any products on the Mitt. Turn of water or step away from the shower so water is not running on you. This allows for the Mitt to form a gripping action with the skin. Use long strokes vertically and horizontally over entire body. The longer you are in the shower, the better the results. If you go over body again towards the end of your shower, you will continue to remove dead cells. Rinse Mitt thoroughly when finished and hang to dry to vented area. Can be hand washed with hand soap if desired. Use 1-2 times a week