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The Holy Grail of facial treatments
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  • ZIIP Beauty
  • ZIIP Device with 80 ml gel bottle
  • $495.00
  • ZIIP Beauty
  • Golden Conductive Gel (80ml bottle)
  • $129.00
ZIIP Beauty
ZIIP Beauty Golden Conductive Gel
  • The conductive gel doubles as a facial mask
  • You can leave gel on post treatment to get additional benefits from the fantastic ingredients in the gel
  • When paired with our ZIIP device, you will increase collagen and elastin production
  • The perfect amplifier for generating electrical flow which contains high concentrations of cutting edge active ingredients that leave skin recharged and refreshed
    <ul><li>Approximately 2 month supply</li><li>When doing Energize / Sensitive Energize treatment use entire vial's worth of gel on neck and face</li><li>If you are only ZIIPing portions of your face, you can put the cap back on the opened vial and store remaining gel to use at a later treatment date</li></ul>