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This genius brush straightens your hair
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  • Jose Eber
  • Digital NFusion Straightening Brush + Complimentary Volumizing Solution
  • $135.00 ($205.00 value)
  • Jose Eber
  • Argan Solution
  • $25.00
  • Jose Eber
  • Volumizing Solution
  • $25.00
  • Jose Eber
  • Digital NFusion Straightening Brush
  • $135.00 ($180.00 value)
Jose Eber
Volumizing Solution
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is a gentle protein that helps strengthen hair while also attracting moisture. The smaller particles of the Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein adhere to the hair shaft adding fullness and volume. It is extremely lightweight and it is recommended for fine textures, to add volume as a styling agent.
  • Lightweight formula for fine & fragile hair
  • Long-lasting volume as a styling agent
  • Makes hair more manageable
  • Protects hair from environmental, chemical and mechanical damage
Enriched Omega 3 fatty acids hydrolyzed wheat protein
Allergens & Dietary Restrictions
Wheat allergy