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Reduce fine lines & wrinkles with light
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  • Skinclinical
  • Reverse Anti-Aging Light Therapy Device & Reverse Collagen Serum
  • $279.00 ($305.00 value)
  • Skinclinical
  • Reverse Anti-Aging Light Therapy Device
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Reverse Anti-Aging Light Therapy Device
The Reverse Anti-Aging Light Therapy device is a battery-operated, handheld LED anti-aging device that emits medical-grade light intensity to stimulate collagen and elastin production in your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Until now, the anti-aging light intensity of reverse could only be found at doctor offices or medispas. The medical grade light intensity deeply penetrates to deliver proven results in 8-12 weeks
  • FDA-cleared for full face use at home
  • Just 3 minutes per area per day to increase collagen production
  • Cordless device that can easily and painlessly be used in the comfort of your home - or easily taken with you
  • Easy on-off button
  • 3 minutes per treatment area/day - less than 30 min if you choose to treat the 4 main areas on each side of the face
  • During treatment, glide the device on your target treatment areas. We suggest to keep your treatment area for each 3-minute session small and localized (following a 2-inch path)
  • The light of the device will penetrate the skin so there is no need to apply pressure during treatment
  • After 3-min, the reverse will beep indicating the end of the treatment cycle. The reverse is programmed to turn off after 2 cycles (6 minutes) to ensure that it is not inadvertently left on
  • This allows you to treat the area of concern on both sides of the face (eg. crow's feet along the left and right eye) before the device turns off
  • If looking to continue with other areas, simply press the button again to turn it on and resume treatment
How to Use:<br><ul><li>Start with dry, clean skin</li><li>Glide gentle along treatment area for 3 minutes per area per day - Reverse will beep after 3 minutes and turn off after 2 treatment cycles</li><li>Charge lasts 75 minutes. After 60 minutes, the green light will turn yellow as a warning that you should re-charge soon</li><li>Charge device for a few hours before using for the first time</li></ul>