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  • Aviva Hair
  • Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition - 1 Month Supply
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  • Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition - 3 Month Supply
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Aviva Hair
Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition - 1 Month Supply
Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition supplements provide 18 essential nutrients that your hair needs to grow long and strong. Clinically proven to increase hair growth, volume, thickness and softness with our exclusive dual complex of PentaPlex and TetraPlex that work with the natural hair growth cycle to restore hair health and reduce shedding. Made with an all-natural blend of premium hand picked botanical and nutraceutical Vitamin ingredients to deliver the ultimate hair perk.  Boosts Length, Increases Shine, Builds Strength, Balances Hair Health, Improves Texture, Reduces Shedding.  All-Natural, 100% Drug Free, NON GMO, Fish Free, Gluten Free, GMP Approved. 
  • 90 Day clinical study:
  • 180% increase in new hair growth/scalp coverage
  • 50% increase in hair volume
  • 25% decrease in hairs loss
  • 100% increase in hair shine
Take 1 softgel twice daily with food
Softgels contain biotin, vitamin B5, iron, folic acid, boron, horsetail extract, iodine, MSM, saw palmetto berry, L Tyrosine, shou wu root, silica from bamboo, zinc, selenium, long pepper extract, phytosterol blend, pumpkin seed oil. Ashwagandha and chromium