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  • 2Face
  • Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Dual Ultrasonic Infuser for Face & Eye
  • $179.00 ($599.00 value)
  • 2Face
  • Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Dual Ultrasonic Infuser for Face & Eye + Triple Face Serum + Triple Eye Serum
  • $275.00 ($897.00 value)
Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Dual Ultrasonic Infuser for Face & Eye
What if you could wave a magic wand over your face and cause serums to absorb better, eye creams to work faster all while maximizing the effects of the skincare products you already know and love? Our new 2 Face Dual Ultrasonic infuser device reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing the power of your favorite products. Propels 6x more of any skin care product into skin. Outperformed the original Palm Sonic in absorption, improvement and satisfaction. Hailed by Vogue and Forbes as a 'game-changer' for your skin care.
  • We've harnessed the power of lower frequency pulsations of gentle sonic waves to create a revolutionary, noninvasive anti-aging tool that better penetrates and treats the inner layers of skin where skin damage begins
  • We've also added in both a heat and cooling option to open and close pores, thereby tripling product absorption and pushing product into skin
  • In this way, key ingredients can work almost immediately instead of evaporating if applied with your fingertips
  • Best yet, each treatment takes only 2.5 minutes and provides almost instant results
  • The heat function gently opens pores to boost absorption of skin care products thereby increasing hydration and smoothing skin
  • The heat function combined with sonic vibrations works the muscles beneath the surface of skin to work product deep into the inner layers of face and neck skin. This is impossible to achieve with manual product application
  • The cool function acts to minimize pores and aid in "locking down" the skin care regimen for maximum results. Think of it as an instant ice bath for your skin. This action also preps skin for makeup application
Tips & Tricks: To turn device on, simply press and hold button for 3 seconds to activate first mode. The device has 3 modes: 1. Heat 42C/107F - 3 levels of heat 2. Cool 6c/43F- 3 levels of cold 3. Sonic - 3 levels of ultrasonic vibration.<br>To turn off device, simply press and hold button for another 3 seconds. <br>Use device on clean skin. <br>After use, blot treatment area of device with a clean, lint-free cloth. <br>Scroll through all 3 functions as per your skin's unique needs.