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  • Baby Quasar
  • Pure Rayz for Wrinkles + Complimentary Lightening Creme
  • $199.00 ($244.00 value)
Baby Quasar
Pure Rayz for Wrinkles + Complimentary Lightening Creme
  • It is the most powerful FDA-cleared light therapy tool available to consumers for the treatment of wrinkles
  • Rebuild collagen and improve elastin by penetrating the skin at different depths with four distinct wavelengths of light: infrared, amber, amber-red, and super-red
  • Pure Rayz has a specific initial treatment time and after eight weeks, only minimal touch-ups are needed to sustain the results
  • Designed to treat the entire face, the tool emits high quality LEDs that provides a focused beam to ensure maximum penetration of light per treatment
  • Pure Rayz LEDs emit only natural wavelengths of light; no harmful rays
  • Complimentary 1oz Lightning Creme
    Treatment is easy. With Pure Rayz, it takes only eight weeks to see noticeable results then just twice per week to sustain those results. Each treatment requires 3 minutes per area of concern. Gently press the illuminated side against your skin. Move in a slow circular motion across the first section of your face. You should feel a pleasant, warm sensation. An automatic timer lets you know when to move to the next section of your face.