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Joyus/Foodzie Customer FAQ

What does the acquisition by Joyus mean for me?

The Joyus acquisition of Foodzie means that we'll have the same team working with you, with the same standards for good food that you've come to expect, but we'll be able to tell the stories of our favorite products even better than before through video. Joyus is shopping through video storytelling, so just imagine Food Network meets e-commerce. You can already get an idea from our first videos on Bacon Jam and Essential Eats for the Backyard BBQ. Tune into the Joyus Food Channel to shop all of the new food videos on Joyus.

Will I be able to keep my Foodzie subscription?

As of August 1, 2012, fully transitioned to Joyus, so customers no longer have ongoing subscriptions. However, we continually update great food finds on the Joyus Food Channel. On our Food Channel, you can continue to shop the same great food finds that you'd come to expect from Foodzie.

What if I have a prepaid subscription on Foodzie?

If you have a prepaid subscription, your remaining Foodzie balance will be converted into a Joyus Gift Card, which can be used for food items or anything else on Joyus. The gift card will be issued electronically to the email address on record between August 1st and August 15th. You can use your gift card by clicking on “Use a gift card” under the Payment section in Checkout.

What if I have a recurring subscription on Foodzie?

If you have a recurring subscription, your last Tasting Box from Foodzie was the July Tasting Box. Your last monthly Tasting Box charge took place on July 1st. As of August 1st, you will be able to purchase Tasting boxes on Joyus as a one-off purchase, but not as a monthly recurring subscription.

What if I have Foodzie Gift Card?

If you have a Foodzie Gift Card, you can use the same gift card on Joyus to purchase food items or anything else on Joyus. You can use your existing Foodzie Gift Card on Joyus by clicking on “Use a gift card” under the Payment section in Checkout.

Will I still be able to get free shipping on products on Joyus like I do on Foodzie?

Joyus offers free standard US ground shipping on orders $50 and over - just use Promo Code SHIP2013 in checkout. You can enter a promo code under the Payments section of the checkout page.

For all orders under $50 or without the promo code, please refer to the chart below for shipping charges.

SubtotalShipping Charges
Less than $15.00$4.95
$15.00 - $24.99$5.95
$25.00 - $74.99$7.95
Over $75$9.95

Surcharges may apply for special handling and delivery, especially for home goods and food. Any additional charges will be noted on the product page.

How can I check my remaining Foodzie balance on Joyus?

We have sent all current customers an email with their login information and the remaining balance. If you didn't receive an email, please contact Customer Care, and we'll look into it for you.

If I gifted the Tasting Box to a friend, does that mean they no longer get a Tasting Box after July?

Not necessarily, it is completely their choice. They can use their Joyus gift card to purchase Tasting Boxes, or any other item they choose.

Are there questions we missed?

Email Customer Care or call us at 1-866-856-9878.