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  • How video is transforming shopping experiences
  • By Nanette Marcus
  • “At the iMedia Commerce Summit, online video shopping site co-founder Diana L. Williams gave attendees an overview of video shopping best practices and a taste of what's to come with this innovative shopping experience.”
  • Share Posted on April 13, 2015
  • Singh Cassidy
  • By Andreea Gheorghe
  • “What does it take to make a positive impact in the world of Beauty and Fashion? Join us as Sukhinder Singh Cassidy shares her Entrepreneurial mindset and an inside glance at her journey to becoming a successful Entrepreneur in the world of Beauty, Fashion and War!”
  • Share Posted on October 29, 2014
  • What the Women of Joyus Wear to Work
  • By Robyn Hagan Cain
  • “Founder and CEO Sukhinder Singh Cassidy started the company because she believed that video would be the next big thing in online shopping. She dreamed of a site where fashion, beauty, and wellness experts would explain to shoppers how to wear the latest lipstick color or tricky fashion trend. That dream yielded a chic, yet accessible, reality.”
  • Share Posted on September 30, 2014
  • IRCE Hot Topic: Video/Rich Media
  • By Madeline C Andre
  • “ uses video as its primary means of merchandising; every brand or collection page has product video.”
  • Share Posted on June 02, 2014
  • A Joyous Summer
  • By Katie Couric TV Show
  • “Joyus Founder Sukhinder Singh Cassidy and Joyus Style Expert Kelly Sparks share this summer's latest fashion trends. Find out how to change any outfit from day to night with minimal effort.”
  • Share Posted on May 21, 2014
  • The Most Influential Women in the Bay Area 2014
  • By Emily Fancher
  • “In this article, you'll hear from the Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business in their own voices. These inspiring women have shared words of advice, their proudest accomplishments, community involvement and even surprising facts about themselves.”
  • Share Posted on May 02, 2014
  • What is Joyus?
  • By Katie Couric TV Show
  • “Americans spent more than 200 billion dollars online last year and by 2016 that number is expected to climb to 300 billion. It's easy to do, but not really as much fun as shopping in a store. But a new website called Joyus is putting more joy in it.”
  • Share Posted on March 10, 2014
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