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Reboot and replenish your body
  • REBOOTizer
  • Antioxidant Wellness Booster 6 Pack
  • $24.99
Antioxidant Wellness Booster 6 Pack
The ReBoot Wellness drink will combat fatigue, cell damage, premature aging and other effects of oxidative stress all in one easy and delicious to drink packet.

  • All natural blend of 7 antioxidant rich plant and fruit extracts that reboot your body's ability to fight free radicals and toxins
  • Outperforms pure Vitamin C
  • The pouch's two-compartment design will activate contents for immediate use, ensuring maximum potency
  • Supports cell rejuvenation to off-set effects of aging
  • Take 1 pouch as needed for recovery from exercise, drinking/food indulgence, pollution and travel
  • Reduces cell damage by up to 47% when taken daily for one month
  • 1 box contains (6) individual packets