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The new Dailey Method routine
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  • The Dailey Method
  • The Dailey NOW
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  • The Dailey Method
  • Dailey NOW Workout Bundle - Medium
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  • The Dailey Method
  • Dailey NOW: Workout Bundle - Large
  • $44.00
The Dailey Method
The Dailey NOW
Dailey NOW helps you tone, elongate, and align muscles so you can look and feel great, even when you’re too busy to squeeze in a trip to the gym. This DVD features two of Jill’s favorite fifteen minute segments that can be completed on their own or combined into a longer workout and an hour-long segment that will give you an intense full body workout.

  • Features (2) fifteen-minute workout segments and (1) hour-long segment
  • Combines pilates, ballet, yoga, and orthopedic exercises
  • Builds off and complements routines taught in The Dailey Method
  • Perfects form and posture to get the most out of your workout