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Hide cellulite in one day
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  • Joyus
  • Botanical Body Wrap Box of 4
  • $99.00
  • Joyus
  • Botanical Body Wrap + Complimentary Defining Gel
  • $99.00
Botanical Body Wrap + Complimentary Defining Gel
This wrap reduces the appearance of cellulite, and firms smooths, and tightens overnight. It's perfect for special events when you know you're going to be seen and you want to look your best. Each pre-moistened bandage is formulated with natural botanicals and starts to deliver results after just 45 minutes. The defining gel will help extend the results of your wrap even longer.

  • Each box contains (4) applications
  • Visible results extend 72 hours after wrap
  • Wrap can be worn for a maximum of 8 hours
  • For best results, leave the wrap on overnight
  • Drink your recommended daily water in-take when wrapping
  • Defining gel can be applied daily