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Detox & lose weight while feeling good
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  • David Kirsch
  • 48 Hour Super Charge Cleanse
  • $29.99
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  • David Kirsch
  • 48 Hour Cleanse + Thermo Bubbles
  • $69.98
  • David Kirsch
  • Probiotic Balance
  • $24.99
David Kirsch
48 Hour Super Charge Cleanse
This is a great way to detox, kick start weight loss, and give your system a break. The pink lemonade flavored formula is nutrient, mineral, and antioxidant rich to keep you energized and healthy. Acai berry, milk thistle, and cranberry extract support liver, colon, and kidney functions while removing impurities, and a natural appetite suppressant helps you feel full. Mix 4 oz of the drink with 4 oz of water four times a day to replace all meals, and drink plenty of water. It's okay to drink decaf green or herbal tea, and you can double up with thermo bubbles to boost your metabolism.

  • Eat lean proteins, veggies, and grains before and after cleanse
  • Follow with a probiotic supplement to boost immune system