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One system to lose weight & look great
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  • SPRI
  • Step360 Pro Bosu Trainer
  • $149.98
  • SPRI
  • Step 360 Pro, Light Band, & DVD
  • $185.00
  • SPRI
  • Step 360 Pro, Medium Band, & DVD
  • $186.00
  • SPRI
  • Step 360 Pro, Light Band, Medium Band, & DVD
  • $204.00
Step 360 Pro, Medium Band, & DVD
You can use the Step 360 for cardio and strength training, and it adds balance into every exercise, so it engages all of your muscle groups to give you a full body workout that burns calories fast. The flat surface adds stability and makes it safer for knees and ankles.

This set includes the medium band for those who want a little more resistance for their workouts.

The DVD will help you learn how to target every part of your body. It has three 20 minute workouts to get you started, but feel free to improvise and add in your own exercises!

  • Durable, non-slip stable platform atop two independently inflated 360 air chambers
  • For all ages & fitness levels
  • Some assembly required