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Tune up your body with a massage
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  • Tune Up Fitness
  • Massage Therapy Kit
  • $45.00
  • Tune Up Fitness
  • Alpha Ball
  • $13.00
  • Tune Up Fitness
  • Massage Therapy Kit and Alpha Ball
  • $58.00
Tune Up Fitness
Massage Therapy Kit
This kit incorporates corrective exercise, self massage, and yoga to help reverse imbalances and eliminate chronic pain. The DVDs take you through 11 distinct routines that target different problem areas like the upper back, shoulders, neck and jaw, low back, hips, butt, and feet, so you can fight pain at the source. The therapy balls have some grip, so it will feel like you're getting a massage from an actual person. Here's a great tip for the ladies who wear heels: use these techniques after a long day on your feet to instantly revive tired, achy toes. So be proactive about getting rid of aches and pains and start feeling good again!

  • Includes 2 small therapy balls, mesh bag, guide, and 2 disc instructional DVD