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Banish back pain & muscle soreness
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  • Gaiam
  • Restore Pressure Point Massage
  • $15.00
  • Gaiam
  • Restore Total Body Massage Roller
  • $20.00
  • Gaiam
  • Restore Pressure Point Massager and Restore Total Body Massager
  • $35.00
Restore Pressure Point Massage
If you're ever wished you could take a break from your desk and get a massage midway through the work day, try this pressure point massager. It's designed to dig deep into pressure points and problem areas to increase circulation and alleviate the tension and pain that accumulates throughout the day. And since it's shaped to make it easy to access even the most hard to reach areas like your upper back, you'll feel relaxed and restored from head to toe.

  • Spiked ball design targets pressure points
  • Includes downloadable self massage guide