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Store your stuff while you work out
  • The FlipBelt
  • FlipBelt V1.1 in Hot Pink
  • $29.00
The FlipBelt
FlipBelt V1.1 in Black
The black Flip Belt will blend right in with your workout clothes. No one will even know you're wearing it!

Because it's just a spandex band with pockets in it, the Flip Belt just looks like the top band of your yoga pants, and it'll let you keep your phone, keys, ID, and credit cards secure while you run. You can wear it on any point of your waist, and it will stretch to fit. It's so light, you'll forget it's even there, and you'll never have to worry about your stuff falling out of your bra or pockets without you noticing. And it's so thin, you can even wear it under your clothes to go out without a bag at night.

  • EPA certified, odor resistant, pilling resistant, and antibacterial
    Machine wash cold, tumble dry low