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Vitamins for people who hate pills
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  • Sprayology
  • Daily Multi Vitamin Spray
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  • Sprayology
  • AllergEase Spray
  • $29.00
  • Sprayology
  • Hair + Nail Tonic Spray
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AllergEase Spray
Keep allergy symptoms at bay with this therapeutic spray. It's packed with herbal remedies designed to treat all the major effects of allergies, from runny noses, itchy eyes and rashes to headaches and sneezing, so you can live symptom-free. It also won't make you drowsy like many allergy treatments, so it's great if you're always on the go and need to keep your energy up.

  • Use 2 sprays under the tongue every 30 minutes as needed for symptom relief on day 1, 2 sprays three times per day thereafter
  • 1.38 oz
    Allium cepa 6X, Apis mel 3X, Aralia rac 6X, Arundo 30C, Baptisia 3X, Echinacea 4X, Euphrasia 6X, Gelsemium 200C, Histaminum hydrochloricum 12X, Lycopodium 6X, Rhus tox 200C, Sabadilla 6X, Sanguinaria 200C, Urtica ur 3X, 200C. Inactive Ingredients: Glycerin 10% v/v, Organic Alcohol 9% v/v, Purified Water.