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A tracker to revolutionize your workouts
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  • Bia Sport
  • Bia Multisport GPS: Clean Slate Silver + Purple Band
  • $279.00
  • Bia Sport
  • Bia Multisport GPS: Dig Deep Cornflower
  • $279.00
  • Bia Sport
  • Bia Multisport GPS: Fierce Heart Pink
  • $279.00
  • Bia Sport
  • Bia Multisport GPS: Pure Joy Turquoise
  • $279.00
Bia Sport
Bia Multisport GPS: Dig Deep Cornflower
  • 17 hour battery life
  • Single button interface
  • Tracks your pace and distance traveled for running, swimming, biking, or triathlon training
  • Interval training enabled
  • Waterproof
  • Syncs wirelessly to upload your data to an online profile you can access via the Bia website
  • Slim, lightweight, ergonomic design won't hit your wrist bone or get in your way
  • 2G cellular modem enables SOS safety alerts text messaged to an emergency contact with your exact location, no matter where you are
    Expert Tips
    The SOS function is a key feature that sets this tracker apart. It lets you send alerts with a map of your exact location to an emergency contact when activated, and it updates with your new location every minute, so you can use it when you're on the move. The obvious application would be to get help if you injure yourself, or to stay safe while running at night, but it's also a super useful feature to have at your disposal for solo vacations, walking alone in the dark, or any other time when you'd feel a little safer knowing you could broadcast your whereabouts at the click of a button.