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Cindy Crawford's Essentials
  • Urban Remedy
  • Cindy Crawford's Essentials by Urban Remedy ($250 Value)
  • $235.00
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Urban Remedy
Cindy Crawford's Essentials by Urban Remedy ($250 Value)
  • 3 morning beverages (choose 2 cold brew light coffees and 1 matcha au lait, or 3 caffeine free herbal teas)
  • 3 mint cacao chip shakes
  • 3 green juices (glow, genius, and clean)
  • 3 salads (shredded kale salad, zen salad, and super green quinoa)
  • 3 snacks (spicy lemon sprouted almonds, sweet potato hummus with crudite, and superfood trail mix)
  • 3 dinners (veggie pad thai, mediterranean quinoa bowl, and zucchini pasta with marinara hemp seed pesto and raw soup)
  • Complimentary cacao almond milk, cacao brittle, 2 youth spikes

  • Certified organic
  • Low glycemic
  • Non-GMO
  • Lunches from 280-480 calories, dinners from 330 to 420 calories
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    Expert Tips
    Sure, you may lose a couple pounds during a juice cleanse, but one of the biggest (and most overlooked) benefits of cleansing is that it helps you to be mindful and start forming healthier habits beyond the 3 day fast. This kit is the perfect way to ease into a healthier lifestyle (or to stick to one when you're short on time), because if a cleanse seems too daunting, you can space out these healthy snacks and meals with your regular diet, and when you have real food at your fingertips, it's that much easier to make a healthy choice when you need a quick calorie fix.