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  • Bikini Cleanse
  • Bikini Cleanse
  • $189.00
  • Bikini Cleanse
  • Bikini Sticks
  • $49.00
  • Bikini Cleanse
  • Bikini Tea
  • $44.00
Bikini Cleanse
Bikini Cleanse
  • Whey protein-based smoothies provide multivitamin support
  • Bikini sticks use fat-burning raspberry ketones to boost metabolism & energy
  • Tea acts as a sleep aid and has senna leaf to flush out toxins and promote cell rejuvenation
  • Incorporates two daily meals from a list of pre-approved foods
  • All natural, gluten free, and stevia sweetened
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • Made in the USA

  • 7 meal replacement smoothies
  • 14 bikini powder energy boost sticks
  • 7 detoxifying teas
  • Step by step instructions with shopping lists, meal plans, workout logs, and daily inspiration
    Expert Tips
    By now, were all familiar with the pros and cons of cleansing. It can be a little controversial, and results vary from person to person. But what you may not know is that when a cleanse fails to create lasting change, its often because of other factorseither a lack of exercise, shock your metabolism, or an inability to follow through. But the bikini cleanse is designed to take all these factors into account. Unlike many juice-based cleanses, it wont pump your body full of sugar and cause insulin levels to spike, and since it includes suggested workouts and supplemental foods, there are no x-factors to impede your progress. Most important of all, because it includes these lifestyle tips, you can continue to reap the benefits long after your cleanse finishes; just stick to the healthy, whole foods the cleanse has already vetted through extensive research, and dont forget to sweat!