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A home gym that'll get you in shape fast
  • Journey Gym
  • BASE System and 70 Day Challenge ($345 value)
  • $250.00
Journey Gym
BASE System and 70 Day Challenge ($345 value)
  • Compact portable design makes the Journey gym compatible with any size space
  • Can be used for cardio, resistance, and circuit training
  • Resistance can be customized from 5 to 75 pounds per side
  • Designed to utilize gradually ramping interval training for quicker, more effective workouts
  • Access professional trainers, the online health community, goal tracking, and a medical team through the Journey Gym website
  • The average customer works out 85 minutes per week and loses as much as 25-40 pounds in just 10 weeks

  • 30 resistance bands
  • Adjustable handles
  • Full set of legs
  • Workout DVD with set up, circuit toning, and circuit strength workouts
    Expert Tips
    Head over to the Journey Gym website for mini classes and tips on how to maximize your workouts. We love that each workout ranges from 5 to 20 minutes, so even on our busiest days, it’s easy to squeeze in a little exercise!