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Eliminate hunger with a superfood drink
  • Ambronite
  • Real Food Drinkable Meal
  • $99.00
Real Food Drinkable Meal
Ambronite gives you sustained energy, and its just as healthy as a meal can be.

  • Boost your productivity and stay in flow
  • Avoid afternoon sleepiness and sugar crash
  • Concentrate on what you do best
  • Get everything your body needs
  • Only real-food, no cheap supplements
  • Includes an Ambronite Shaker
  • One Ambronite box contains 10 meals
  • Product weight (w/ packaging): 3.30 lbs/53 oz
  • Made in Finland
    Oats,Almonds,Brown rice,Coconut,Hazelnuts,Flax seed,Lucuma,Stinging Nettle,Apple,Rice Bran,Chlorella,Nutritional Yeast,Mineral Salt,Brazil Nut,Bilberry,Spinach,Blackcurrant,Sea-buckthorn,Spirulina