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Space saving drying racks
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  • Joyus
  • Retractable Drying Rack
  • $25.00 $9.50
  • Joyus
  • Over-the-Door Drying Rack
  • $70.00 $22.50
Over-the-Door Drying Rack
This drying rack not only preserves the integrity of your precious clothing, it conserves tons of room and can be set up in some seriously tight spaces.

  • Constructed with high-gloss polished stainless steel rails and other high-grade corrosion-resistant materials
  • Hangs easily on doors and railings
  • Adjustable arms fit narrow doors and walls or rails up to 4 in. thick
  • Soft but sturdy non-skid finish prevents damage to the mounting surface and laundry
  • Arms fold away for compact storage
  • 22 pound holding capacity
  • 26 x 17 in.