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Bath mats that exfoliate your feet
  • Solevation
  • Bath & Shower Mat
  • $32.00
Bath & Shower Mat
Cut back on your time-consuming and pricey visits to the pedicurist while treating your feet to a sinfully deep scrub with the Solevation shower mat.

  • Durable, easy to use foot scrubbing alternative in the shower
  • Half sand, half loofah surface stimulates a deep scrub in any bath and shower area
  • Great for athletes, those with limited physical abilities and poor circulation, pregnant women or the time-constrained and foot obsessed
  • Eliminate cramped foot-cleaning products that dominate the shower area
  • Constructed with mold/mildew resistant rubber
  • Anti-slip suction eliminates slipping hazards
  • Simply hang on sides of tub, or shower wall to dry after use