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Keep food fresh with a vacuum seal
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  • Caso
  • Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer
  • $79.95 $24.50
  • Caso
  • Small Bags for Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer - Box of 20
  • $19.95 $6.50
  • Caso
  • Large Bags for Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer - Box of 20
  • $29.95 $9.50
Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer
With its lightweight design and easy operation, this handheld vacuum sealer allows you to seal and store batches of food to preserve maximum flavor more effectively than with traditional bags or containers. Great for meats, cheese, or bulk food.

  • Preserves food up to 7 times longer than standard storage and prevents freezer burn
  • Cordless unit docks for recharging
  • Vacuum bags are reusable, tear resistant, and microwavable
  • Includes bottle stoppers to vacuum-seal wine and preserve flavor
  • Vacuum sealer and vacuum bags can be cleaned with soap and water
  • Includes: (5) Small vacuum sealer bags, (5) Large vacuum sealer bags, (2) wine-bottle stoppers, and charging station