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  • Hair Care Valet in Espresso
  • $159.00 $144.00
  • Joyus
  • Hair Care Valet in White
  • $159.00 $144.00
Hair Care Valet in White
Never panic again because you realize you left your hair straightener on before leaving the house! The Style & Go lets you keep your heat styling tools in the same place you use them, away from other items that could cause a fire hazard, and the single on/off switch helps you save electricity and remember to turn everything off when you leave the house.

  • Built in power source
  • Cord storage station system keeps cords untangled
  • Cabinet mounts easily to wall
  • Holds up to 4 appliances
  • Includes a 5x magnifying makeup mirror
  • Hinged on the right, but can be reversed to the left if desired. There are pre-drilled holes on either side
  • 18 x 24 x 6 in.
  • 23lbs