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Make favorite sweaters last forever
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  • The Laundress
  • Wool & Cashmere Spray
  • $10.00
  • Gleener
  • Fuzz Remover
  • $20.00
  • Sonoma Lavender
  • Sachet by the Yard
  • $22.00
Fuzz Remover
If you're sick of sweaters starting to look ratty and worn after only a few wears, this fuzz remover is a must have. It has three distinct, fabric sensitive edges, so you can use it on anything from coats and sweaters to your yoga pants. Just sweep it across the fabric and pilling will be gone! There's an edge for wool, an edge for cashmere and cotton, and an edge for more delicate fabrics, and the opposite end of the tool removes lint from all fabrics.