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Pack for 2 weeks in a single carry-on
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  • Joyus
  • Packing Cubes (Set of 3)
  • $68.00
  • Joyus
  • Packing Cubes in Camo
  • $68.00
Packing Cubes Set
  • Maximizes luggage space so you can pack more into less space
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Designed to fit together perfectly in your suitcase so your clothing stays organized and with minimal wrinkling
  • Compression zipper for even more space savings
  • Separate laundry compartment keeps dirty clothes separated from your clean ones
  • Integrated mesh panel lets you see what's inside while your clothing stays organized and protected
  • Wear me/Wash me - 12"x12"x5"
  • Basics - 11"x12"X2.5"
  • Lingerie - 7.5"x11.5"x2.5"