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Meet your on-the-go tailor in a tube
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  • Style Stick
  • Style Stick (Pack of 2)
  • $22.00
  • Style Stick
  • Style Stick (Pack of 3)
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Style Stick
Style Stick (Pack of 2)
  • Pack of 2
  • Style Stick is a unique temporary fabric adhesive that will not damage your clothes or irritate your skin
  • Formulated specifically for fabric, it's hypoallergenic and water soluble
  • Its glide on, goof-proof application dries clear and washes off easily with water
  • An innovative alternative to cumbersome double stick tape, Style Stick is a whole new way to combat wardrobe malfunctions and fashion faux pas
  • Great for quilting and sewing too
  • Style Stick is safe to use on cottons, blends, polyester, denim, wool, silks, and linens
    Please note that Style Stick is formulated for OPEN WEAVE fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, polyester etc. It's not intended for closed weave fabric--I.E. fabrics that have a sheen such as leather, satin, nylon, etc. While it will work on closed weave fabrics it may take up to ten minutes for it to adhere. For more detailed information visit
    Expert Tips
    Remove cap and twist the base to release product. Apply liberally and directly onto the fabric. Press the fabric together with solid pressure for 20-30 seconds. Let it set for approximately 1-2 minutes. Fabric should stay secure until washed, dry cleaned, or manually pulled apart. When you pull the fabric apart you may notice a slight white residue--this is quickly and easily removed with a damp cloth. We love Style Stick for all these uses...<ul><li>Adjusting pants to heel height</li><li>Adjusting skirt hems or necklines</li><li>Keeping shape wear in place</li><li>Repairing fallen pant or skirt hems</li><li>Securing a gaping shirt or missing button</li><li>Slipping shoulder straps</li><li>Floppy jacket or suit pockets</li><li>Curling lapels and collars</li><li>Gaping necklines</li><li>Adding temporary embellishments</li></ul>