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A quick, powerful, personal blender
  • Kalorik
  • Stainless Steel Personal Sport Blender - Blue
  • $50.00
Stainless Steel Personal Sport Blender - Red
Great for smoothies and milkshakes, the Kalorik Personal Blender does not disappoint! With its stainless steel 4-blade design and its powerful 500 watts pure copper motor, this is the best addition to your kitchen. The Kalorik Personal Blender can blend vegetables, fruits, ice and much more with the touch of a button. This Personal Blender comes with 2 Tritan sport bottles with OZ and ML indicators, perfect to share those protein shakes before a workout. It only takes 15 seconds to perfectly mix a fresh, healthy and nutritious smoothie. Stainless Steel and black finish will make this blender a success.
  • Stainless Steel 4-blade design, efficient for ice, vegetable and fruit
  • Bottle with Oz and ml levels
  • Folding style carry hook on the lid, makes it easy to take out and store the bottle
  • Silicone decoration ring around the bottles, anti-slip and great against scalding
  • Plastic and stainless steel housing, offering a colorful finish
  • Pure copper motor, with enough power to handle frozen fruit
Plastic and Stainless Steel
Unplug the appliance before cleaning. Make sure to clean the appliance after each use! After use, clean the main body with a wet clothes and dry it. NEVER use abrasive cleansers as this may scratch the surface of the housing. Clean the bottles and lids under running water or simply place in the dishwasher. The bottles and sport lids are dishwasher-safe. Clean the blade under running water. Never immerse the base or power cord in water.