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Never spill a glass of wine again
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  • Aura Glass
  • Aura Glasses and Coasters (set of 2)
  • $60.00
  • Aura Glass
  • Aura Glasses (set of 2)
  • $50.00
Aura Glass
Aura Glasses and Coasters (set of 2)
Aura Glass redefines the basic shape of the wine glass for a better wine & spirits experience. Unlike any other glass, this patented glass pivots on a stainless steel ball to promote the aeration of your beverage. The weight of the ball, the resting height and the angle of the glass, together provide stability, preventing accidental spills even with full pours. Aura Glass is currently being offered in a large sized Aura Glass ideal for wines, brandy, whiskey, bourbon, and plenty of other drinks including craft beers. Included are 2 custom coasters to rest your glass upright, if desired.
  • Novel spinning design
  • Aerates wine with a touch of a finger
  • Fun. Elegant. Conversation starter
  • Makes fabulous gifts & memories
  • Resting height: 5 inches, Volume: 14 oz, Mouth diameter: 3 inches
Lead free glass; high grade stainless steel ball; wooden oak coasters (black stain finish)
Recommend hand wash only (dishwasher heat and friction can dull or scratch the surface)